Renovation Cleaning

Renovations are a normal part of the lifecycle of most data centres. Expansion, changes to room configuration, upgrades are all needed to be performed while systems are live. Unlike Post Construction work, keeping equipment clean during a renovation is more complex and involves several steps not just including cleaning: Identification, Isolation, Containment, Cleaning.


This involves identifying work to be performed, areas directly worked upon, areas that will be potentially effected by the work and length of work to be performed.


Isolating the areas to be worked on from the other areas in a data centre is critical to reducing the effects of caused by the work. Barriers, temporary walls, isolation walls are all part of the tools for separating the work area from the live room


Once the work area is isolated, active steps to control the contaminants must be implemented. Steps often include setting up negative or positive pressure zones, HEPA Air Filtration, use of HEPA vacuums by contractors and monitoring


Before, during and after any renovation work all areas effected should be thoroughly cleaned to ensure the integrity of the room. An initial detailed clean of the room before work is begun establishes a base line from which to control contaminants during the work more easily. Depending on the scope of the work, cleaning during the renovation is often needed to ensure complete control over contaminants created. Finally a post work detailed cleaning restores the entire room back to optimal efficiency. Sycorp can provide not just cleaning and advice, but overall project management and isolation/containment equipment and supplies for the entire project.

  • HEPA Air Scrubber rentals
  • HEPA Vacuum rentals
  • Materials and installation of containment barriers
  • Zipwalls and containment cubes
  • Particulate and environmental monitoring

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