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How Your Subfloor Can Poison Your Computer Room!

The area under a subfloor plenum is the lifeline of your computer room. It supplies the continuous flow of
subfloor sealingcold, conditioned air to keep your computer systems from overheating. But, if your plenum has a concrete subfloor, it can also be the source of serious, equipment-threatening contamination.

A concrete subfloor is constantly releasing concrete dust containing millions of tiny, abrasive particles. Those particles are swept up by the airflow and will inevitably be deposited on your sensitive electronic equipment where they clog filters and accumulate on circuit cards.

More damage results from the fact that concrete dust is a very good thermal insulator. A thin coat of concrete dust acts like an insulating blanket and will raise equipment operating temperatures.

Now, think about what those particles are doing to the people working in the sealed environment of your computer room where the chilled air–and concrete dust particles–are continually recirculated.

How Sycorp Controls Subfloor Contamination

Sycorp employs a permanent, non-toxic, non-flammable coating system specifically engineered to seal concrete subfloors. It completely penetrates all the tiny peaks and valleys of your subfloor to form a permanent protective finish that completely eliminates surface oxidation and subfloor contamination.

Seal Your Subfloor Before or After Constructionsubfloor sealing

The best time to seal a subfloor is while the room is under construction before the access flooring system is installed. But our specially trained technicians can also seal subfloors in existing on-line rooms.

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