Sycorp offers the following cleaning services performed on a variable frequency. Service frequency ranges from a one-time event to daily maintenance. The scope of each service is adjusted based on the existing level of facility cleanliness and the target level of cleanliness.

Computer Room Cleaning

Whether your data centre or computer room is just a closet or a mega-centre, it needs to be cleaned to maintain the health of the equipment, the health of the personnel and the environmental aesthetics. Sycorp technicians perform three basic services separately, or in combinations, that are designed to keep you computer room running at peak performance. These three services are: Exterior Hardware Cleaning, Tops of Floor Cleaning, and Subfloor Plenum Cleaning. Combinations of these services are usually performed at scheduled intervals, ranging from once per year to once a day. These same services and variations are performed in response to floods, or other disasters, or to prepare for equipment installation after construction.

Exterior Hardware Cleaning

Sycorp uses proven techniques to remove dirt, dust, and other contaminants from your controlled environment. Not only the ones you can see, but more importantly the hidden ones you can’t see. Sycorp’s trained technicians use specialized, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Our HEPA filtered vacuums are certified to 0.3 microns and remove even the smallest of micro-particles from your facility.

Tops of Floor Cleaning

Computer room flooring is designed to dissipate static electricity by providing a conductive path to ground. Dirt on top of and ground into computer flooring greatly reduces the floor’s ability to dissipate static. Improper cleaning can cause your floor to de-laminate or chip. Sycorp has experience with all types for flooring from access floors, static tiles, vinyl floors, concrete and even carpeted floors.

Subfloor Plenum Cleaning

The lifeline of any computer room is the plenum beneath its raised flooring. This plenum delivers cool, filtered air to the sensitive equipment above. Unfortunately, because of gravity, the plenum is also the area most prone to dirt and dust. Allowed to accumulate, these contaminants will be swept up and carried to your equipment by the circulating air conditioning so vital to your equipment’s operation. The impact of contaminated airflow includes clogged circuity, increased risk of fire, accidental fire suppressant discharge, and miscellaneous health problems.

Sycorp’s subfloor plenum cleaning service helps protect your equipment from these and other hazards. Our cleaning also satisfies many insurance audits, and may help reduce the cost of insurance.

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