Office Equipment Cleaning

Health and Appearance

Reduce the Spread of Colds and Flu’s

Dirty keyboards and telephones spread accumulated germs that can cause illness in the workplace such as flu H1N1 or the new coronavirus COVID-19. During cold and flu season, these germs can spread easily on shared equipment, even a fax machine!

Clean keyboard after PC Cleaning Service

Improve Your Corporate Image and Employee Morale

Daily use of computers leave finger oils, make-up, adhesives, food crumbs, and drink strains. Dirty computers look unprofessional and harbor nasty germs. Frequently Asked Questions

Service includes:

  • Specialized HEPA vacuums remove all dust and food
  • Sanitizing and disinfecting equipment surfaces with hospital grade disinfectant
  • Detailed renewal of equipment exterior to “like new” appearance
  • Remove ink marks, adhesives, and stains
  • Anti-static treatment applied to equipment exteriors and screens
  • Wipe down of workstation desk area

Preventative Maintenance PC Cleaning

The fan in a PC draws in dust, dirt, lint, and hair, causing overheating and corrosion on circuit contacts. This can lead to: Freeze ups – Corrupt files – System Errors – Computer Failure

Reduce repair and replacement costs by investing in regular cleanings, protecting the safety of your data. For as little as 10¢ a day, a cleaning program can help prevent your computer from failures costing hundreds of dollars.

Cleaning program service includes:

  • Full PC Cleaning program
  • Internal cleaning of components with HEPA vacuum
  • Check and verify all cable and card connections
  • Detailed external cleaning
  • Cleaning of components: keyboard, mouse, monitor, and printer

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